Reversi (1 player)

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Reversi (1 player)

By: chumby (chumby industries)

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Play this strategy board game by turning over as many of the computer's pieces as you can.


  • kogojim

    May 5, 2009

    Can't get enough of this game.

  • markaardvark

    January 16, 2009

    Did this get updated recently?? It appears to be playing a better game (or I've suddenly lost a bunch of brain cells...)

  • addie

    December 26, 2008

    I love this game. I wish there were a 2 player edition available.

  • alexhi

    December 24, 2008

    does anyone else not understand this game

  • LynneLynne2

    October 16, 2008

    This game is so addicting.

  • adorman

    August 3, 2008

    Nice! I like.

  • dahuaidan

    July 13, 2008

    o,he is very clerver :) i like him

  • krainskiwj

    March 22, 2008

    Excellent rendition of a classic game!

  • allayrizzle

    March 18, 2008

    addictions 2 this game

  • Muffindog

    January 30, 2008

    i never knew how fun this game was. the menu and game screen is very nice i would recommend that most people should play only on easy

  • joeyschumby

    January 28, 2008

    This is a good game if set to easy mode. Set it any higher, the chumby has a tendancy to think too hard and the widget will lock up.