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Local Info

By: chumby (chumby industries)

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Local news, sports, weather, and traffic, all at a glance.


  • chumzter

    June 27, 2011

    @bumski - Agreed.....our development team is aware of this. This issue resides where the feed is being pulled from. We may/hope to get this request implemented in the near future. -chumby support

  • bumski

    June 25, 2011

    It would be nice to be able to read the WHOLE STORY! When you drill down to the story you only get the first line.

  • chumzter

    June 1, 2011

    @Rafti - Thank you for letting us know the issues with this app. We have submitted these to the developer. -chumby support

  • Rafti

    May 31, 2011

    11751 is the Zip Code for Islip NY, it comes up as Bayberry Point NY, which is only three streets within Islip, not a town or separate zip code. It would be nice if there was a way to read or link to the local news beyond the 1 ½ line snippet that ends with “…” such as “Susan Sally Boville director of the center for …” It would also be helpful if the traffic map could be dragged. Even with the bugs it’s still one of my favorite apps!

  • kkteng

    April 24, 2011

    In my app, the date does not change at midnight. For instance, my zip is 10024, it's 4/25 12:24 EST now but it still says Saturday 4/24. Everything else seem to work OK. Known bug?

  • chumby

    April 12, 2011

    Hello everyone: FWIX reported the issues are fixed, and personally looking over the zipcodes in the comments, it appears it is. Please report any issues here or at http://gsfn.us/t/27xfr

  • jword

    April 12, 2011

    I really like this app but I can't always reach my Chumby screen to see all of the information. Would it be possible to cycle through the traffic, weather, and news?

  • chumby

    April 6, 2011

    Hi chumbians, we have this logged with FWIX here: http://gsfn.us/t/27xfr Feel free to add your specific info if it is not captured here.

  • chumzter

    March 29, 2011

    To all our valued chumbians, this bug has been filed and is currently being addressed. chumby support

  • wjhinkle

    March 28, 2011

    Same story here -- getting UK news feeds for the past week even though my location is shown correctly in the upper left corner, and weather is for the correct location. Zip 44xxx in Ohio USA.

  • Benchp300

    March 27, 2011

    Hmmm. I live in Wisconsin. 53225 and Im getting news from the UK ! Aside from that its cool.

  • sultnwoz

    March 22, 2011

    Is anyone out there listening? Today it's reporting news from Binghampton NY for Zip 44118, which is near Cleveland OHIO. The geographic locations for this app are WRONG WRONG WRONG for the Cleveland Area. Thanks if you can fix this!

  • sultnwoz

    January 31, 2011

    It's still reporting news from North Carolina to Cleveland Ohio zip codes. This is the source: http://www.shelbystar.com/ Can anyone update the data feeds to remove this source for Cleveland, Ohio zip codes like 44118?

  • sultnwoz

    January 31, 2011

    OK, it's still mixing up news sources. Cleveland Ohio does not equal Cleveland County North Carolina! This source: http://www.shelbystar.com/ is in North Carolina and many of the Cleveland Ohio news stories come from this source, incorrectly. Thanks in advance for fixing this.

  • dcraneri

    January 16, 2011

    Put two copies of Local Info on their own channel, and set them to switch up every five or 10 minutes. They'll ping-pong back and forth, and the temp will never be more than 5 or ten minutes old... It's the best workaround I can think of till they fix it... (Which I can't believe they haven't yet...)

  • cseftor

    January 1, 2011

    The temperature does not seem to be updating. The app is saying 30 degrees right now; meanwhile, it's actually 54 outside. I'd like to use this app but, until this is fixed, sadly I can't.

  • kircos

    November 30, 2010

    Best Widget I;ve used

  • chumby

    November 8, 2010

    The data we're using for this app treats some zip codes - like 71201 - as part of the nearest "metro" area. We've alerted the data provider and they are working on a fix that could be released in the next few months.

  • Plank

    November 6, 2010

    spacegravity4me, if local Monroe news is what you want, grab the Generic RSS Reader and paste: http://www.thenewsstar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=rss&mime=xml

  • stagger

    November 5, 2010

    That's 'local' information in the US, I would guess. Not everyone lives in cleveborough, okladokey. Would it kill you to add 'American' to the title? From the rest of the world.

  • spacegravity4me

    November 2, 2010

    This app would be AMAZING but it keeps giving me news from shreveport! I'm in a city 2 hours away. zip code is 71201. Just letting you know in case there's something you might be able to do about it. Keep it up.

  • Plank

    October 29, 2010

    The traffic section of this widget is so good, it deserves its own dedicated widget. Please consider!

  • Evilpenguinj

    October 28, 2010

    Any chance we can make this work in Canada too?

  • dcraneri

    October 17, 2010

    Like sultnwoz reported on September 22, 2010, the weather (current temp, explicitly) doesn't update without restarting the app... Leads me to believe the NOAA data is fine but there is a bug in the refresh. (My zip is 18069.)

  • TSReese

    October 10, 2010

    Dang that's a slick widget. Developers take notice...

  • wayn3w

    October 7, 2010

    Small bug: "Sunday" doesn't get printed; instead it is "undefined". Thank you for adding the weather drill-down.

  • chumby

    September 28, 2010

    We've added drill-down weather, and fixed the Dash misalignment issue. We're still investigating the particular issues with Cleveland, OH...

  • sultnwoz

    September 23, 2010

    GEO for this app is sometimes incorrect. I live in Cleveland Ohio Zip 44118 and receive news stories from Cleveland County South Carolina. Needs a bit more precision as to filtering out news stories!

  • Obnates

    September 23, 2010

    Would rather replace the news with a 3-day weather forecasts, perhaps replacing the current weather forecast with a radar (animated would be even better). Like the idea of news, but it has a hard time finding relevant stuff for my town -- more like state-wide news, not local.

  • Plank

    September 23, 2010

    Great app! The screen is misaligned slightly on the Dash.

  • wayn3w

    September 23, 2010

    Interested to see that different parts of the screen are differently interactive, but surprised that the weather is not. If I could get the weekly forecast from that, I can dump another widget or two and streamline my channel Overall, it's now part of my morning line-up. Good work!

  • sultnwoz

    September 22, 2010

    Weather for zip 44118 hasn't changed since this app was released and is a week old! Get a better source for weather, I think the NOAA app is broke. Otherwise it's great though I think it gets Cleveland Ohio confused with Cleveland Tennessee.

  • develephant

    September 21, 2010

    Thumbed! Good job. Pretty and functional.

  • Zoltar

    September 21, 2010


  • howdog

    September 20, 2010