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  • PolandTravel

    By: beskidniski (community developer)

    Foto in beskid niski, Poland

    Created: 08/14/09
    Updated: 11/02/09
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    • Currently 2/5 Stars.
  • UK Train Times

    By: gingerbeardman (community developer)

    UK train times taken from the National Rail website via a secret recipe of technologies. Configuration: be sure to set your three-letter station code (see National Rail site) and whether you want departures (default) or arrivals. You can also filter results to only show certain destinations.

    Created: 04/08/08
    Updated: 07/09/09
    Popularity rank: 19/19
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    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
  • Paris vs New York

    By: djchumby (community developer)

    the latest from Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities --- Let it cycle automatically (new image every 60s unless customized!) or tap the right side of the screen to advance or the left side to reverse. Tap the center to pause on that image forever or to resume auto-cycling.

    Created: 11/09/10
    Updated: 11/09/10
    Popularity rank: 5/19
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    • Currently 5/5 Stars.
  • WMATA Alerts

    By: shawnr (community developer)

    This widget displays the WMATA Metro Rail Alerts RSS feed for the Washington DC Metro. UPDATE: Main text is now scrollable; tap near top and bottom of text for scrolling up and down. I am not affiliated with WMATA, but this widget uses their public Metro Rail Alerts Feed. Also see the new WMATA Metro Bus Alerts widget, just uploaded for 2009.

    Created: 05/29/08
    Updated: 04/20/09
    Popularity rank: 8/19
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    • Currently 4/5 Stars.
  • Yahoo Maps

    By: iBrent (community developer)

    Yahoo Maps on your chumby. Press and drag to pan. Press + to zoom in, - to zoom out.

    Beta 1.1. Next version - enter an address.

    Created: 09/10/07
    Popularity rank: 2/19
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    • Currently 3/5 Stars.
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